Bribery in Tech companies is nothing new. There are numerous stories of factory workers taking pictures of unannounced products. This is how tech blogs get to a sneak peek of the upcoming products and come up with rumors about it. Apple took serious steps to ensure that the factory workers don’t get any picture of their upcoming iPhones.

Amazon told the  Wall Street Journal that it is investigating employee reports in the US and China for leaking data to merchants on-site in exchange for bribes. Sellers are paying around $2,000 to get internal sales data email and addresses of the reviewers. This data convinces them to remove bad reviews. In some cases, merchants have even paid Amazon employees to delete the negative reviews from the website.

That’s not all, the bribery offers an illegal advantage to merchants by allowing them to know the buying habits of the customers, the most popular keywords and other details that would normally remain latent. They can then rewrite their product descriptions and ads to increase the chances of their products to make it to the top in search results.

Amazon reportedly took steps to counter this type of cheating, including recent changes of the executives in China to look into it.