Apple’s September event was packed with exciting new products. People have been eagerly waiting for the launch of some of the most talked about iPhones throughout the year. the leaks and rumors kept us wondering how the actual iPhones will be like.

Now that they have been released, we could not help but wait to pre-order one for ourselves. And guess what, you can officially pre-order iPhone XS and XS Max now.

Instead of going with the count and introducing iPhone 11, the company came up with an interesting alternative; XS and XS Max.

Given that the company has halted the production of iPhone X, 6S, and SE, we are expecting that the new ones are going to make the sales go on fire. Not only because of that but the sales are expected to be in big numbers due to the initial popularity that these iPhones have gotten. Out of everything that came out from the Apple’s latest event, there is no doubt that these iPhones have impressed us the most.